Prevent Unnecessary Readmissions

Improve Patient Care & Reduce CMS Penalties  

The NurseAlert system is a powerful, yet simple and cost-effective method of communication between patients and healthcare providers. With this simple medical alert device, your organization can develop a better population health management strategy, and avoid penalties – while providing better patient care.

NurseAlert Being Held

Keeping your patients connected with your team of health care professionals helps provide better overall patient outcomes, reduces overhead for your facility, and helps you avoid potentially costly penalties in your business.

Better Communication Leads To Better Patient Care

We believe that the health and safety of your patients should always come first – and constant communication and contact is essential for protecting your patients once they’ve been discharged from your facility.

Our exclusive NurseAlert system makes it easy for your patients to communicate with visiting nurses, home health agencies, healthcare providers, and even family members – and get help from a caregiver at the earliest sign of any kind of health problem or complication.

Using a simple and intuitive single-button design, the NurseAlert system allows your patients to communicate with a nurse, health provider or another person instantly.

With the ability to instantly notify a healthcare provider if something is wrong, your patients do not have to wait until their next doctor’s appointment to notify you about a problem – or worse, risk a visit to the emergency room, and readmission into the hospital for a preventable health issue.

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How The NurseAlert Works – The Basics

NurseAlert is a unique communications device, inspired by the nurse “alert” and “call” buttons at healthcare facilities. This lightweight, easy-to-use device is worn by a patient, and given to them when they are discharged from your facility.

When they press the button on the device, a text alert is sent to three pre-programmed phone numbers. Then the device will call the three numbers in sequence – if one does not answer, the next phone will be contacted.

After someone at your facility answers the call, you will be able to talk to your patient through the built-in speakerphone, to provide them with further instructions on how to manage their issue, and the next steps they need to take to get care. This puts your patients in control of their own health, allowing them to consult with a medical professional instantly.

Other built-in functions include Wander Alerts and a GPS locator to locate patients, as well as patient fall alerts, triggered when the NurseAlert system recognizes that a fall may have occurred.

It’s easy to use, with a battery life of up to 5 days and a simple charging station, a showerproof design, and nationwide coverage. Finally, the NurseAlert is HIPAA compliant – no Protected Health Information (PHI) is ever shared when using this system.

NurseAlert In A Patient's Hand

By providing NurseAlert systems to your patients, you can keep them safe and empower them to take control of their own care – while enjoying higher profitability!

Available In Different Colors

Choose a color that matches your healthcare organization’s brand or allow your patients to choose the color they want.

RescueTouch Medical Alert Devices In Different Colors

Customized Programming & Private Label Systems

The NurseAlert system is completely customizable and flexible. We can program each device to contact different offices for nationwide healthcare companies and hospitals, and customize and scale our system to fit perfectly into your existing healthcare software system.

Additionally, we offer a special private label or “white label” program. We can create NurseAlert devices that are branded with your brand name, as well as specialized product inserts and instructions, custom imprinted lanyards, and nurse/patient instructions to help your patients understand how the system works, and how to use it properly.


Whether you work in a nursing facility, hospital, outpatient clinic, or in any other patient-focused healthcare segment, your facility is sure to benefit from the NurseAlert system – so contact us now for details about how to customize and brand your own devices, and implement NurseAlert at your organization.

Return On Investment & Improved Patient Experiences

Hospital and care facility readmissions are not cheap. They cost Medicare about $26 billion annually. Combine this with the steep penalties and fees for exceeding the HRRP standards for readmissions, and you’re looking at a big profitability loss in your facility.

You could save millions of dollars per year by using NurseAlert. Add up the cost of all of your avoidable readmissions and the penalties you had to pay over the last few years – it’s probably more than you think.

NurseAlert allows you to avoid and eliminate unnecessary readmissions for an incredibly low price of around $19 per month, depending on the NurseAlert plan and the number of devices that you deploy.

Using this simple device, you can avoid thousands of hospital readmission visits, and eliminate more visits to the emergency room, as well as 911 calls.

Your patients will be able to get care on their terms, as soon as they begin to feel that something might be wrong. If you can avoid just one hospital readmission, your entire NurseAlert system – up to thousands of devices – will already have paid for itself.

Once you’ve calculated all of the money you could save by eliminating 80% of unnecessary readmissions to your facility, as well as avoiding penalties from Medicare and Medicaid, we’re sure you’ll agree that an investment in a NurseAlert system from Florida Telehealth is worth every penny.

Curious to learn more details about pricing, and how to deploy the system at your own clinic, hospital, or facility? Get the information you need below!

Get Started With A Simple Pilot Program

We understand that deploying new technology and devices at your medical facility is not easy, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Do not worry! There is no need to commit to a system-wide, complex deployment until you’re ready, and until we’ve proven the results of our products to you.

That’s why we recommend that you contact us to try a pilot program and deployment – to test out our devices for yourself, and see the benefits that a NurseAlert system can have for your facility!

How does it work? It’s simple!

  • Contact us for more information – First, contact RescueTouch for more information about pricing. If you’re interested in working with us, we’ll be happy to provide you with our units at a great rate.
  • Start with 40-50 NurseAlert devices – Let’s start small! Together we can deploy just a few dozen of our devices to your patients. We recommend at least 40, though up to 80 will give you a larger sample size with which to measure the validity of your pilot program. Simply choose the number of NurseAlert devices that you’re comfortable with!
  • Provide the NurseAlert to your patients through your home health staff – If you work with home health care providers, you can have them issue the units to your patients, or you can provide them with a NurseAlert when they’re released from your clinic or hospital.We recommend using NurseAlert systems for patients who have serious, chronic health conditions, such as serious cases of diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), heart disease, and other such chronic issues which may become more serious without proper, immediate medical treatment. They are also ideal for use with patients who have recently undergone surgery, or been released from a physical therapy program. Any patient who is recovering and may be at risk of post-op complications can benefit from a NurseAlert.
  • Monitor patient usage of the NurseAlert for 6 months – Track how many calls you receive, usage rates, and other statistics while using the NurseAlert. You’ll get access to our dashboard software allowing you to easily monitor data related to your pilot program.
  • Analyze your call reports for details – Issue reports summing up the number of calls, reasons behind each call, and more – allowing you an in-depth, real-time perspective on NurseAlert usage.

Our pilot programs are inexpensive, easy to set up, and there is no requirement to implement following the pilot program. If the results do not meet your expectations, there’s no future commitment! What is your biggest hurdle to getting started?

Ready to get started?

Start providing your patients with the communication services that they need to safeguard their health, and prevent costly visits to the emergency room, as well as hospital readmissions.