Chit Chat Monitored Twin Pack

ChitChat Twin Pack

Here’s how they work!

1. We program our monitoring center and up to 4 chosen family members’ cell phone numbers into each of the synced RescueTouch unts.  If fall detect is requested, we activate fall detect.

2. One firm press of the large SOS button and it first sends a “Help Me” group alert text to all chosen family members.  It then calls our monitoring center and the user speaks directly with our response operator.  Together the user and operator decide if EMS, Fire, Police, or a family member should be called to respond.

3.  Pressing the Chit Chat side button simply calls the other synced RescueTouch and allows the two Chit Chat partners to talk to each other.  No other family members or the monitoring center are called or texted. The Chit Chat feature is activated by the small button on the side of the RescueTouch.

4. When a significant fall is detected, the RescueTouch auto initiates step #2.  Our fall detect is significantly different from all others on the market.  It allows  multiple sensitivity levels to fit the user’s activity level.  It also alerts the user to an accidental fall detect so they can immediately terminate the alert before it goes out to family members.

Recommendation: Best choice for spouses, partners, or besties.  Popular choice for individuals who want 24/7 professional assistance.  Excellent choice for family members who want the capability of calling their senior parent through their RescueTouch. Smart choice for individuals struggling with falls.

$85 Monthly
No Monthly Savings

$246 Quarterly
($82 Monthly)
Save 3%

$948 Yearly
($79 Monthly)
Save 7%

Big Savings Ahead!

AARP, Veteran, First Responder, Nurse and Disability Discounts
Available At Checkout.


  • 2 RescueTouch Devices
  • Professionally Monitored
  • Family Connect
  • Voice Connect
  • Family Text Alerts
  • Fall Detection Included
  • GPS Locate
  • Family Initiate Contact
  • Unlimited Range