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Is it Elder Abuse?: Breaking the Medical Alert Industry’s Profit Centered Machine

Welcome to Florida Telehealth Scott A. Lepper - Founder, CEO, Telehealth Consultant With the support of twelve other Virginia Beach Volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians, I created an alert company that is significantly different from the other well-known alert companies. Our company is built on the experience of responding to over ten thousand [...]

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WAVY 10 NEWS: RescueTouch To Save Money For Families & Municipalities

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A volunteer emergency medical technician, now entrepreneur hopes his new device can help lower the number of non-emergency 911 calls to dispatch centers.Scott Lepper founded RescueTouch and also designed RescueTouch’s SOS Caller with seniors in mind.He noticed over his five years volunteering with Virginia Beach EMS that seniors who live [...]

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RescueTouch Medical Alert Review on The Senior List

RescueTouch specializes in providing a mobile medical alert system that is very different than others we have reviewed. RescueTouch was started by a volunteer EMT who saw a need for high quality equipment and a different approach to providing medical alert services. Scott Lepper, the founder of RescueTouch, recognized that a personal, local presence and [...]

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