Engineered for small and medium sized business
owners, Smarter Business Security combines
intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance,
access control and energy management into a
single, cost-effective solution.

Security That Goes

the Extra Mile

Did someone access the inventory room after hours?
Was that a false alarm or a real one? Was the alarm
turned on tonight? With real-time notifications,
remote control and auto-arming, you’ll know what’s
happening at your business, and know it’s secure, no
matter where you are.

Access Control

Efficiently manage permissions for all the
access points to your business. Quickly add and
delete employee access, secure equipment,
inventory and employees against unauthorized
access and keep track of important activity
in real time.

Save Energy, Save Money

Don’t waste money heating or cooling your
business when no one is there. A smart
thermostat helps you save automatically, even if
someone forgets to turn off the AC or heating
when they’re closing up for the day.

Fully Integrated
Access Control

From storefronts to entire
office buildings, secure your
business against
unauthorized access with
Smarter Access Control.
Now you can easily track
and manage access to your
properties through a user-
friendly website and app.

Business Insights

Get visibility into activity trends to make smarter decisions around staffing, promotions, energy use and more.
Easy to understand reports let you quickly see activity patterns across your business and spot unexpected changes.

Visualize Trends

– Monitor open/close trends for each location
– Identify peak periods of activity and customer traffic

Uncover Activity

– Pinpoint activity such as unexpected entry after hours, or doors propped open that could cause energy waste or safety concerns
– Keep a historic timestamp of which users disarmed the system

Simple Interface

– Single site and multi-site reporting
– Choose your report schedule and view data daily, weekly or monthly