About Florida Telehealth

Keeping Our 55 and Better Generation Safe and Living Great!

Scott A. Lepper, CEO, Former Virginia Beach EMT

Florida Telehealth (formerly RescueTouch) is the premier telehealth solutions company devoted to our 55 and better generation and the healthcare providers who support them.

We develop and offer innovative and effective technologies designed to provide extraordinary health advantages while enhancing safe and convenient lifestyles.

Our flagship technologies, NurseAlert and RescueTouch, have been proven to provide superior patient-provider engagement.

Our low cost and simple-to-deploy devices offer one touch calling direct to healthcare providers or family members. These devices use familiar technologies such as voice connect, text connect, fall detect, and GPS locate to virtually eliminate avoidable 911 calls, emergency room visits, and hospital admissions.

These benefits provide ACOs, hospitals, and home health agencies with unmatched competitive advantages which translate into superior patient care, higher CMS ratings and increased professional referrals. ACOs and hospitals looking to reduce avoidable healthcare costs and CMS penalties our NurseAlert is for you!

Affiliations With Industry Leaders

There are many well-established and emerging companies with innovative products in the healthcare space that will benefit many seniors. We support and partner with these companies in order to introduce our clients to the best products available to help them maintain their health and independence, while continuing to forge ahead with their remarkable life. Expect to see our partners’ products marketed here alongside ours.

Already experiencing superior benefits of a senior healthcare product that you know would benefit others?

Shout it out at support@floridatelehealth.com and we’ll add it to our News Blog.